Mad dogs …

Everything has changed.  Gone are the thousand lakes and the endless forests.  Gone too, if temporarily, are the midges. We have crossed into Norway, into snow-capped mountains on the edge of the sea.

The 200km trip north from Lakselv along the E6 and E69 is spectacular, at one point diving deep beneath the sea in a 6km tunnel – exciting in a car, not so pleasant for the many laden-down cyclists heading north for world’s end.

The objective was Nordkapp via Honningsvag, a town we last saw under deep snow in December.  By coincidence MS Finnmarken is moored at Honningsvag quay, the ship that brought us here over Christmas, as is P&O’s Arcadia, the ship we travelled on to the US, the Arctic and the Med.  As a consequence the town is echoing to the sound of English accents and so is Nordkapp where the dreaded cruise tour buses line the car park.

... from Lakselv to Nordkapp

... from Lakselv to Nordkapp

... from Lakselv to Nordkapp

... from Lakselv to Nordkapp

... from Lakselv to Nordkapp

... on the road to Nordkapp

... from Lakselv to Nordkapp

Seven months on the snow has gone from Honningsvag and it looks a little rough around the edges but then most towns are improved by their winter coats. This first image of MS Finnmarken contrasts with the version shown here:

MS Finnmarken ...

Heading north ...

Heading north ...

Heading north ...

It is a long haul to Nordkapp and as you climb through cloud there is a sense of achievement on arrival. This is soon followed by disillusionment at the exorbitant entry fee – like Land’s End, Nordkapp is now a themed experience but having come this far we feel obliged to cough up. At least there is a statue which recognises our irritation – “No Kimi, I will not tell you again, it is just too darn expensive!”

Heading north ...

At the edge ...

In all the +1000km we have journeyed to the far north, I had not seen one UK registration plate until this appeared in the car park at Nordkapp. Only mad dogs and Englishmen would go out in the land of midnight sun in such a device – good luck to them, a fine adventure.

Heading north ...

The snow-capped mountains come in the next post.


  1. sustainabilitea · July 22, 2015

    Thanks for the mid-day (here) escape. Such lovely, spare beauty. Haven’t been to Norway since the 70’s, but I remember its beauty.


    • northumbrianlight · July 23, 2015

      A pleasure Janet, glad you liked it – and in colour (mostly)! 😀

  2. 2e0mca · July 22, 2015

    A fascinating collection of images. Love that Morgan – still manufactured and they have a dealer in Norway!

  3. Maureen · July 22, 2015

    love your shots – and the quality of the light. Thanks

    • northumbrianlight · July 23, 2015

      Many thanks Maureen – the light that never dims (at least at this time of year)

  4. Sue · July 22, 2015

    Looks like you are having an amazing time!

  5. LaVagabonde · July 22, 2015

    Absolutely fantastic photos, Robin. Love the flowers in the boots. Is “themed experience” the politically correct name for “tourist trap”?

    • northumbrianlight · July 23, 2015

      Many thanks Julie – actually ‘trap’ is exactly right – if you don’t know what to expect, doing a u-turn at the entrance would not be an easy manoeuvre.

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