The turning year …

This post is almost certainly premature, there is plenty of time for more snow, ice and all that winter can bring.  Nevertheless, yesterday (18th February) was significant. For the first time since December the temperatures were high enough for the first ride-out of the year, a thirty five mile round trip taking in Matfen, Ryal, Birtley, Wark, Chipchase, Barrasford and Acomb.  There was no purpose other than the joy of riding and the thrill of threading country lanes with the wind in my face – actually it was quite strong and coming from all directions which can be disconcerting. When I returned, surprise, surprise, I could still feel the ends of my fingers – Spring must be just around the corner! 🙂

This is the Scrambler ticking over on the banks of the North Tyne at Wark – Happy Days!

The Scrambler ...

The Scrambler ...

The images were taken with an HTC One M8 Smartphone and processed in Photoshop and OnOne Perfect Photo Suite – click on the images to enlarge.

And here is some unconvincing proof of the change in the seasons – the obligatory snowdrops (not taken on a Smartphone):

More snowdrops ...


  1. Rajiv · February 19, 2015


  2. suej · February 19, 2015


    • northumbrianlight · February 19, 2015

      Many thanks Sue – it is not looking bad out there today either – I might be tempted again 🙂

      • suej · February 19, 2015


  3. Tish Farrell · February 19, 2015

    I’m not a bike fan, but well, I truly could feel your joy, Robin. And the wind in my face. And the sense that spring is coming. 🙂

    • northumbrianlight · February 19, 2015

      Thanks Tish – the only way to understand the unique joy of a motorcycle is get on one – having said that I have yet to persuade the beloved 😀

  4. Malin H · February 19, 2015

    Definitely just around the corner… Lovely post, very hopeful indeed! And a sexy bike too (I hope it’s ok for me to say such a thing) 😉

    • northumbrianlight · February 19, 2015

      Oh yes Malin – that’s exactly what she is 😀

      • Malin H · February 19, 2015

        Haha lol! Well she is beautiful!

  5. LaVagabonde · February 19, 2015

    Awesome bike, Robin. For some reason I picture you wearing vintage flight goggles (like Snoopy) when you ride it. 😀

    • northumbrianlight · February 19, 2015

      😀 I haven’t got them yet but they are on the wishlist – how did you guess 😀

  6. MJF Images · February 19, 2015

    I like your bike!

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