La Mort Subite

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue.  This afternoon we climbed Glastonbury Tor.  No crampons are required but it is a steep ascent and for some perhaps it could prove one climb too many.  There is some sort of dialogue going on here but I will leave it to you to imagine what it might be:

Do you see what I see ... La Mort Subite

(click on the images to enlarge)


  1. Sarah Longes - Mirador Design · September 3, 2014

    Ha ha! That first photo is totally surreal 🙂

  2. Cate Franklyn · September 3, 2014

    These photos are great!!!

  3. doublewhirler · September 4, 2014

    The foreground slope makes these photos. Well done!!

  4. Shane Francescut · September 4, 2014

    Ha! I love these.

  5. Graham Stephen · September 4, 2014

    wonderful composition in #1

  6. LaVagabonde · September 8, 2014

    Brilliant. You’ve outdone yourself with this one.

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