Falmouth 1977

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray – The contact sheet is dated 7th July 1977 – I am unsure if this is the date they were taken or the date the contacts were created.  Perhaps the greater admission is that I could not remember where they were taken and it was only by a process of elimination and the help of Google images that I pinned it down to Falmouth. What I do remember is that the lad with the out-of-shape trilby was not amused at being photographed by a similarly scruffy oik (me) brandishing a TLR, which begs the question how did Vivian Maier get away with it.

Not many look back on the seventies with fondness but I had a good time, perhaps because I felt at home with the tattered and frayed, a hangover from the sixties – some might say I have not moved on.


(click on the images to enlarge – not the best quality, they are scanned from the contacts, not the negatives)


  1. LaVagabonde · August 24, 2014

    I like the gritty texture of these shots. It goes with the subject.

    • northumbrianlight · August 24, 2014

      Thanks Julie – they could be so much sharper if I could only persuade my scanner to reliably handle 2.25in negatives 😦

  2. Jo · August 24, 2014

    Great shots for this challenge. 🙂

  3. restlessjo · August 24, 2014

    Happy to report that I’ve moved on, Robin. 70’s? What 70’s?
    But I love your images. 🙂

  4. suej · August 25, 2014

    Great images for the challenge, Robin

    • northumbrianlight · August 25, 2014

      Thanks Sue – it all seems a very long time ago.

      • suej · August 25, 2014

        Another lifetime, eh? The 1970s are certainly that for me!

  5. Meanderer · August 28, 2014

    Super images. Love his flares and hat! The 70s still feel like a golden time to me for many reasons. I don’t think I’ve moved on from the tattered and frayed.

    More please!

    • northumbrianlight · August 28, 2014

      Me too, he is really quite stylish – I could quite fancy wearing that hat now – to hide the thinning hair 🙂 . There is one more to come from Falmouth, very soon. You must have been very young in the 70s Malin.

  6. Thom Hickey · August 28, 2014

    Thanks. these shots have a very tactile feel! regards thom

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