Who says …

… nothing much happens around here.  This bucolic scene suggests all is peace and tranquility at Beaufront Woodhead this morning:

Idle sheep

However, start messing around with time lapse and an altogether more frantic world becomes apparent:

I suffer for my ‘art’ 🙂  I had noticed that the sheep gather under these trees overnight and then disperse for the rest of the day so I had to be up ‘early’.  Perhaps they would stay longer but for the arrival of the those big bruisers.


  1. Cate Franklyn · July 11, 2014

    The time lapse seems familiar……Oh, yes the NYC subways! That’s it.

  2. LaVagabonde · July 11, 2014

    Those cows could scare me away, too.

  3. Pit · July 11, 2014

    No “peaceful co-existence” the?! 😉

  4. Graham Stephen · July 11, 2014

    very good!

  5. restlessjo · July 11, 2014

    Woolly jumpers has nothing on that lot, Robin 🙂

  6. greenmackenzie · July 12, 2014

    Great capture…..so did you sit there quietly among them….

    • northumbrianlight · July 12, 2014

      I was too busy mucking around with the time lapse to join them 🙂

  7. Cara Lockhart Smith · July 12, 2014

    Enchanting little film!

  8. Malin H · July 14, 2014

    Good to know that you actually suffer for your art, Robin :))
    Lovely images and I also love the time lapse!

    Have a great week!

  9. littledogslaughed · July 15, 2014

    Love the video-looks like just another day under the big tree for everyone-I feel your pain too-I am not a morning person so getting up to get the shot is appreciated 🙂

    • northumbrianlight · July 15, 2014

      Many thanks Meg – of course ‘early’ is relative so I won’t share my definition – some might consider it late in the day 😉

  10. bentehaarstad · July 22, 2014

    Peace and tranquility, what is better!

    • northumbrianlight · July 22, 2014

      Exactly – we are very lucky living in rural Northumberland. Sometimes we take it for granted.

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