Kirkharle and Capability

Kirkharle is about eighteen miles northeast of Hexham and an ideal distance for a Sunday afternoon drive in the country, particularly when my points tally is in deficit – the consequence of playing golf on both Saturday and Sunday – “oh and by the way I am playing on Monday night as well”.

Kirkharle was the birth place of Capability Brown and to honour this connection there is a lakeside walk along a track that he would have used as a boy to walk to school in nearby Cambo.  It is short and on the flat, perfect for the over-exercised golfer.  On Sunday storm clouds were gathering to the west, another good reason for keeping the amble short. Pointing my camera at the country house I managed to capture a dramatic flare – this is either lucky or incompetent depending on your opinion of the outcome:


The house looks quite grand but is nothing in comparison to the original Hall.  When the Loraine family fell on hard times in the 19th century it was sold to a local farmer who demolished all but one wing which was rebuilt as a farmhouse – a quite imposing construction nevertheless.

Around the lake the light was a little less dramatic:


(click on the images to enlarge)


  1. harrienijland · July 9, 2014

    The flare gives the shot a sacral touch. Special!

  2. Cate Franklyn · July 9, 2014

    Great shots. The light in the first shot looks like white lava pouring down from the sky!

    • northumbrianlight · July 9, 2014

      Thanks Cate – it is certainly a surprising effect, not at all evident in the viewfinder (actually, I couldn’t see much at all 🙂 )

  3. Malin H · July 9, 2014

    The famous religious light. 🙂
    I like your images, Robin. As always…

    • northumbrianlight · July 9, 2014

      But not shining on the righteous in this case 🙂
      Many thanks for your consistently kind words ❤

      • Malin H · July 9, 2014

        My pleasure, Robin. ❤

  4. easyweimaraner · July 9, 2014

    Is the original hall the one they have in wikipedia?

  5. LaVagabonde · July 9, 2014

    That flare is very “star-of-Bethelem”. I vote for lucky rather than incompetent.

  6. greenmackenzie · July 9, 2014

    Wonderful…I love lucky/intuitive shots like this 🙂

  7. littledogslaughed · July 10, 2014

    Lovely images both Robin-the top shot with the light breaking through is fabulous-luck shot or not, it’s a keeper for sure!

  8. restlessjo · July 11, 2014

    How have I missed this little stroll? 🙂

    • northumbrianlight · July 11, 2014

      A pleasant stroll but a long distance walker like yourself might find it a bit tame. I think they sell vino in the cafe though 😉

      • restlessjo · July 11, 2014

        Now yer talking! 🙂 I’m tired tonight, anyway.
        It’s wine o’clock. I can open a bottle.

  9. Jo · July 21, 2014

    Wow. just stunning.

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