Perfect Day

It was a dull morning with no immediate prospect of change.  Consequently I donned the headphones, switched on the laptop and escaped into the world of Breaking Bad – I am up to Season 4, Episode 7.  As the series progresses Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) is developing a disturbing likeness to my middle son – fortunately the connection is purely visual.

This was followed by a trip to Manoir Automobile Du Village De Loheacheaven!  How I have missed this on previous trips to Brittany I do not know. Naturally the displays have a distinctly Gallic flavour but this is of no consequence. The highlights are the Ferrari section, a full Formula 1 grid, a glorious collection of Group B rally cars and a carbon fibre tub to climb into and pretend 🙂  Outside there is a rallycross stage and a tarmac circuit – some distance from their natural home, three NASCAR Chevys of unknown vintage were circulating at about seven tenths.

Lancia Audi Lancia

This video captures perfectly the wondrous insanity that was Group B Rallying – listen for the “Dear God” exclamation at about 4 minutes 45 seconds – quite restrained considering:

F1 Grid Manoir Automobile Du Village De Loheac Renault F1 Peugeot

It’s good to remember old friends…..

It's good to remember old friends

The icing on the cake was a trip to Caden Golf Course under a perfect sky.  A nine hole course with eighteen hole prices it was, nonetheless, a very enjoyable round – at just under 6000 yards over eighteen holes it is a testing tract with some quite alarming tee positions, particularly the second.

CadenThroughout this perfect day, the beloved followed, uncomplaining 🙂

Just a perfect day
you made me forget myself
I thought I was
someone else, someone good



  1. LaVagabonde · May 21, 2014

    Looks like it was a boy’s day for sure. I admire your wife’s fortitude. 🙂

  2. restlessjo · May 21, 2014

    She deserves a medal, Robin 🙂 Payback for the shops, huh!

  3. Tish Farrell · May 22, 2014

    So many toys out of the box at once. Maman should be imposing rationing 🙂

    • northumbrianlight · May 22, 2014

      Just making up for lost time – nearly but not quite ‘À la recherche du temps perdu’

      • Tish Farrell · May 22, 2014

        Definitely not a Proustian moment, Robin. You were clearly having far too much fun. Much as I enjoyed reading A la recherché, it always put me to sleep after 2 pages.

      • northumbrianlight · May 22, 2014

        I confess I never got beyond the first 50 pages 😦

  4. Malin H · May 24, 2014

    Lovely! :))

  5. patrick · June 2, 2014

    Finally seen the Youtube video now I’m back from Turkey and Erdogan’s rather weird decision to block Youtube (Twitter worked fine). A great 7 minute distillation of Group B. Amazing to think that two of the drivers in those clips went off and became MEPs, of all things….

    • northumbrianlight · June 3, 2014

      Insane wasn’t it – not sure it was entirely sensible to drag you young ones onto a Group B special stage at Cirencester but I blame Tim 🙂 Memorable though – must find those pictures – will be in touch soon. Off to play golf in Yorkshire today – a tough life.

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