Travel theme: Silver

These silver purses have travelled great distances since they were made during the first part of the 20th Century.  They belonged to my mother, an avid and informed collector of antiques and occasionally artworks. One of her oft told stories was about seeing a pair of original paintings in an art shop window on Shude Hill, Manchester.  Despite their primitive construction she thought they captured the essence of this ‘dirty old town’ perfectly.  She was tempted to buy but this was the austere time immediately following  World War II which meant money was tight and there were hungry mouths to feed.  She always regretted not being more reckless – the paintings were by L S Lowry. So here are some silver purses but no matchstick men nor smoking chimneys:


(click on the image to enlarge)


  1. yasmine ft dörr · January 18, 2014

    These are precious!…

    • northumbrianlight · January 19, 2014

      They are and now they are even clean – they buff up very quickly, I should do it more often 🙂

  2. Graham Stephen · January 18, 2014

    Nice toning!

  3. suej · January 19, 2014

    Great image, Robin! Very silver, and I like your moody treatment of it…

    • northumbrianlight · January 19, 2014

      Thanks Sue – not sure it has much to do with travel but what the heck 🙂

  4. LaVagabonde · January 19, 2014

    Love the shimmer. I have a modest collection of antique purses.

    • northumbrianlight · January 19, 2014

      Thanks Julie – my mum was a collector of all sorts. I restrict myself to cameras, cars, motorcycles and books 🙂

      • LaVagabonde · January 19, 2014

        That’s a pretty good collection of collections! My lifestyle doesn’t permit me to collect much of anything. My husband is the collector of the house. I try to make him carry all of it when he moves, but there’s so much that I end up carrying a lot.

  5. Sreejith Nair · January 19, 2014

    Nice and different image.

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  7. littledogslaughed · January 20, 2014

    Beautiful image-love the background-very different and the purses are marvelous-

    • northumbrianlight · January 20, 2014

      Many thanks, very kind. The background is some tired potpourri which I intercepted on its way to the rubbish bin 🙂

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