Weekly Photo Challenge: One

“The power of one is above all things the power to believe in yourself, often well beyond any latent ability you may have previously demonstrated. The mind is the athlete, the body is simply the means it uses to run faster or longer, jump higher, drive quicker, kick better, swim harder, hit further, or ride faster.” 

Adapted from Bryce Courtenay’s, The Power of One

Anyone who has driven the Military Road or walked Hadrian’s Wall west of Chollerford and Walwick will be familiar with this one, lone defiant tree:

The Power of One(click on the image to enlarge)


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  3. Sreejith Nair · December 23, 2013

    Nice ONE… 🙂

  4. zark66 · December 23, 2013

    The power of one! Great! 😉

  5. maryqkaca · December 23, 2013

    Simply wonderful Robin!

  6. restlessjo · December 23, 2013

    Beautiful! 🙂

    • northumbrianlight · December 24, 2013

      Thanks Jo, have a great Christmas (have I said that already 🙂 )

  7. Graham Stephen · December 23, 2013

    nicely composed.

    Happy Holidays to you!

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  10. Malin H · December 27, 2013

    So… so beautiful and so touching. I really like this “One”, Robin!

    • northumbrianlight · December 28, 2013

      Thanks Malin, it is quite an old photo taken in 2003. I am pleased to report that ten years later the tree is still clinging on. All the best, Robin

      • Malin H · December 29, 2013

        That’s good news Robin. 🙂 Maybe you will report with an image of this beautiful tree ten years after?

      • northumbrianlight · December 29, 2013

        That’s a good idea Malin, I will try to do that.

  11. littledogslaughed · December 28, 2013

    a very lovely shot-love the b/w-it is very effective-

  12. mydailyminefield · January 7, 2014

    Very dramatic picture!

    • northumbrianlight · January 8, 2014

      Many thanks – it sits in a dramatic landscape – we are lucky to live nearby.

  13. restlessjo · November 26, 2014

    I should have remembered it! I like both very different treatments. 🙂

    • northumbrianlight · November 26, 2014

      Many thanks Jo – I don’t think I would have remembered if I were you – it is not exactly the Mona Lisa 🙂 (although I think that is much over-rated 😀 )

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