Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

The sea! The sea!  The open sea!
The blue, the fresh, the ever free!
Without a mark, without a bound,
It runneth the earth’s wide regions round.
It plays with the clouds, it mocks the sky,
Or like a cradled creature lies

The first verse from the poem “The Sea” by Bryan Waller Procter (pseud. Barry Cornwall: 1787 – 1874) reproduced in Edmund Clarence Stedman’s A Victorian Anthology (McCullin, 1990)

Over the sea to Skye – aboard the Mallaig to Armadale ferry:

The Sea

The Sea

Another image from the same trip, this time from land.  The picture was taken the evening before; it is the view from Traigh Golf Club car park across a firey sea to the Inner Hebrides:

The sea

(click on images to enlarge)


  1. lena de almeida · August 31, 2013

    The sea never fails to impress. Wonderful images and colours.

    • northumbrianlight · August 31, 2013

      Many thanks Lena – I only increased the saturation on the last a small amount 🙂

  2. Jo · August 31, 2013

    Gorgeous shots 🙂

  3. lavendermoongirlblog · August 31, 2013

    I love Skye and know these fabulous views so well. Great photos.

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  5. Tina Schell · September 1, 2013

    Didn’t you just love the sailboat coming into your shot!! Lovely post!

  6. Tish Farrell · September 1, 2013

    So much blue. Good for the soul.

  7. LaVagabonde · September 1, 2013

    Wow, what a sunset!

    • northumbrianlight · September 1, 2013

      Thanks JDR – it is the only one of the three that I like – it even matches the colours of the Twenty Eleven theme.

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  9. Graham Stephen · September 1, 2013


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  12. restlessjo · September 4, 2013

    The last one’s a stunner 🙂

  13. pilbra · September 24, 2013

    I love the sea so peaceful and relaxing beautiful work

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