Missing Ardnamurchan

We have been back less than a fortnight and I am missing the northwest already, perhaps this sunset begins to explain why.  It was taken on the old road between Arisaig and Traigh, at the small bridge just down from the Cnoc-na-Faire Inn at Back of Keppoch.  I have resisted all temptation to fiddle with this photo; no change of saturation, no upping the contrast nor dimming the brightness, you are seeing it exactly as nature intended, always assuming my Nikon captured it accurately (and everyone’s screen is calibrated the same, which they won’t be :-)).  Those familiar with the road will know there is a campsite at Druimdhu that protrudes into the bay but on this occasion I don’t think the silhouette of the campervans is too unattractive and who can blame them for wanting to be there:

Back of KeppochRed sky at night etc proved entirely accurate – the next day dawned glorious and we headed for Eigg and Muck.  That’s all folks! – just getting sentimental (click on the image to enlarge).


  1. Jo · June 13, 2013

    It is beautiful.

  2. northumbrianlight · June 13, 2013

    Thanks Jo – all credit to nature I think

  3. brissiemaz · June 14, 2013

    You’ve done well…..it’s a wonderful photo of a delightful scene. No wonder you’re missing it.

    • northumbrianlight · June 14, 2013

      Many thanks – I was just behind the lens, nature did the hard work 🙂

  4. meticulousmick · June 14, 2013

    Jealousy has just hit a new height. Oh we were there last year. Brilliant photo, look forward to seeing more, MM 🌅

  5. northumbrianlight · June 14, 2013

    Thanks Mick – it is all down to the weather, both the photo and the enjoyment – the following day there were no clouds, no rain and no midges – paradise.

  6. sustainabilitea · June 14, 2013

    That’s a lovely shot. We got to the mountains of Wyoming every summer and I miss that when we’re not there. But I’m thankful to have such a wonderful place to go each year. I’m sure you’ll see lots of pictures from there come August. 🙂


    • northumbrianlight · June 15, 2013

      Many thanks. The US has such wonderful place names which adds to their mystique – see my reply to LaVagabonde below re Ardnamurchan. Have a great summer in the mountains and I look forward to seeing the photos.

  7. LaVagabonde · June 15, 2013

    A magical scene. I love the names of those places.

    • northumbrianlight · June 15, 2013

      Me too – I have been waiting for someone to point out that Arisaig is actually on the Morar peninsula north of Ardnamurchan but I am missing the latter and it sounds better 🙂

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