Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood

I enter this challenge with a certain reluctance.  Firstly the weather is awful out there so I have not strayed far from the front door – My Neighbourhood as captured is very local indeed.  Secondly I have just spent too much on a full frame DSLR – why am I using a phone :-(.  Thirdly I can’t bring myself to misspell Neighbourhood :-).

Nevertheless, in the spirit of participation, here is some neighbourhood Samsungography. All of the photos have been subject to Instagram effects of one sort or another:

Phoneography-1 Phoneography-2
Phoneography-4 Phoneography-5 Phoneography-6 Phoneography-7
Phoneography-9 Phoneography-10


That was yesterday, this is today:

IMG_20130310_094029 IMG_20130310_094117 IMG_20130310_094331


  1. LaVagabonde · March 10, 2013

    Very nice. I love the duck!

    • northumbrianlight · March 10, 2013

      Thanks – she never looks happy though. Her name is Carole – we once worked with a lovely lady with the same surname (Goose not Duck 🙂 )

  2. frizztext · March 10, 2013

    image 9 + 10: nice stone cottage!

  3. frizztext · March 10, 2013

    neighboUrhood – very British 🙂

  4. lena de almeida · March 10, 2013

    The effect of the weather has enhanced the beauty of these images, like in one of the view through the window 🙂

    • northumbrianlight · March 10, 2013

      Maybe 🙂 I would prefer reflections from the rays of the sun. Thanks for stopping by.

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  7. Sally Smith · March 10, 2013

    Very cold here too so I went to my photos not outside today. I like my camera too and I spelled neighbourhood properly. Love your photos especially the logs and the daffodil bulbs and the close up of snow. 🙂

    • northumbrianlight · March 11, 2013

      Glad you liked them and thanks for stopping by – nice to know you can spell too 🙂

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