The West Highland Line

The rail journey along the West Highland Line was a great success; the weather on the outward journey was near perfect, the trains ran on time and the scenery, except around Glasgow, was spectacular.  There was a major flaw though, as a photographic expedition it was less than ideal.  Taking pictures from a moving object is never to be recommended, add to this the grubby glass, the reflections from interior lights, the lack of opening windows and the opportunities to record the journey were few and far between.  In the end I resorted to Instagram and its various filters in an attempt to disguise the less than perfect results.  By the time we reached Arisaig the light was failing fast as the short day closed.  The Old Library maintained its usual high standards; anyone eating or staying will almost certainly be treated to Robert’s very fine Ziggy Stardust impressions on CD, in aid of his daughter, two year old Dawn.

(click on images to enlarge)

The Old Library ArisaigArisaig Post OfficeThe end of the day - ArisaigRemains of the day - ArisaigThe trip was all about the train journeys so after one night we returned by the same route only by the morning the highland weather had slipped into a more traditional costume.

Arisaig StationArisaig StationArisaig Station


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  2. patrick · February 18, 2013

    Like the tone of the black and white photos here. Was up at the southern end of the West Highland line myself last weekend. Grey and damp, unfortunately…

    • northumbrianlight · February 18, 2013

      Thanks Paddy – I recommend the railway journey although not that fond of Mallaig itself, more of a place to travel through rather than stop. Hence we got out at Arisaig.

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