Sunday Walk

Last year we travelled as far east as St Petersburg, as far west as Quebec, as far south as Tunis and as far north as Cape Wrath yet some days I think we would have been happier just walking up the road – there is not much beats Northumberland on wild winter days (yes, I know, St Petersburg is marginally further north than Cape Wrath – poetic licence 🙂 ).

After seemingly endless days hibernating in front of a PC screen I was finally persuaded to venture out – it was good advice.  The lanes around our home were looking at their best under a blanket of snow despite flat grey skies.

Fawcett Hill Looking west from above Acomb Trees near Acomb Grasses in snowThere was more snow forecast overnight and it duly arrived with a vengeance – I am delighted.  This is the view from our front door; I have no intention of venturing further although the tyre tracks suggest our neighbour has set off for work.  Getting back could prove quite difficult – all roads up to Beaufront Woodhead involve a steep incline at some point.

Snow at the door


  1. janalinesmalman · January 24, 2013

    I agree, its lovely to walk around ion the snow covered outside once you can motivate yourself to leave the warmth of your house!!! I spent my last 2 winters in Moscow and motivating myself to walk around outside was very difficult, but it was stunningly beautiful!

    • northumbrianlight · January 24, 2013

      Its all too easy to get lazy and hibernate. Today we were forced to walk the 2 miles to the shops as stocks were getting low – fortunately downhill. Actually, not so long back, there was a nuclear bunker in Hexham but now it has been demolished – nothing like as spectacualar as Moscow’s though. Thanks for the visits and likes. All the best.

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