Closer to the edge – 2

Today we were let out for good behaviour, destination Lisbon.  Despite the low winter sun it was warm and dry; the smoke from a dozen hot chestnut sellers filled the air, none of them doing a brisk trade in the unseasonal temperatures.

CastanhasThe shuttle bus delivered us just above Rossio Square from where it is a walk into the light all the way down Rua Augusta to the waterfront.  This high contrast view of the world mixed with swirling smoke is primarily monotone so, courtesy of Bibble, I have converted most images to monochrome.  I will remember Lisbon as a black and white world.

Lisbon StreetsFountainDown by the waterDiscovery of the day was Mude – the Design Museum of Lisbon.  There is something endlessly fascinating about seeing the familiar elevated to the status of a museum piece.  It was the sixties that dominated but in amongst the hard edged design icons were these gowns which flowed like liquid; inevitably in black and white.

Design MuseumBy contrast, this celebration of Fado is pure Kodachrome.



  1. Huw Thomas · December 22, 2012

    Great pictures. Recently spent three years living in Portugal so you’re photos brought back some warm memories of a wonderful country.

    • northumbrianlight · December 23, 2012

      Thanks Huw – it was an all too short visit which only left me with a desire to return.

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