Great Golf Holes of the North – Stocksfield’s 9th

The Newcastle Journal is continuing the series Great Golf Holes of the North, this week covering Stockfield’s wonderful 9th, a downhill par 5 briefly described here by Norman Harris:

GOLF holes that are this long – 501 yards – don’t often fall all the way from tee to green. That’s a lot of falling. You could say that on a golf course it’s the nearest thing to a ski run.

Now, this is a very thrilling prospect, as our main photo shows. The irony is that many higher-handicap players inadvertently steer the ball to the right. Faced with oak trees down the left and oak trees down the right they subconsciously over-compensate in avoiding what’s on the left.

The rest of the article can be found at:

As ever, the success of landscape photography is largely attributable to being in the right place at the right time.  The English summer has been so wet and cloudy for so long that when a bright morning appears you have to grab the opportunity, particularly when there is a printing deadline and no guarantee that the weather will oblige ever again.  The upside of this bleak summer is that the English countryside is looking very green and lush and so I have not needed to adjust the saturation, everything is saturated already (a very poor Photoshop joke).  I took these photographs early on 28th August when the light was still casting long shadows and cumulus clouds drifted like barrage ballons across an empty sky.  Click on the images to see the uncompressed, less fuzzy versions.

The ninth at StocksfieldThe golfer is Paul Malia, an early bird with an elegant swing who made his entrance right on cue, parring the hole – some days everything falls into place.  The long view north is across the Tyne Valley towards Ovington.

This second picture is the view back up the fairway from the green – a slightly different version to the one chosen by the Journal (the golfers are less obvious but the cloud patterns are better):

The ninth at Stocksfield


  1. litadoolan · October 31, 2015

    Thank you for the tips on landscape photography. I always learn something new from your blog. The images are perfect, the colours are so clear and alive. A great way to celebrate the weekend.

    • northumbrianlight · October 31, 2015

      Thanks Lita, very generous – I am not sure I am entirely qualified to advise. I had forgotten about this post, thanks for taking a look and reminding me.

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