So long facebook….

Today I have deleted my facebook account and feel none the worse for it.  The film Social Network was always better than the product, anything that manages to dramatise software development and IPR is some form of achievement.  So long and thanks for all the fish or should that be endless trivia.  Some would suggest this blog is no different but that is to miss the point – this is for me, a personal record which I happen to share, I am not trying to collect ‘likes’ nor virtual ‘friends’, just memories.  If no one reads this stuff, I care not.

Apropos of nothing at all, this was also the day I downloaded the remainder of the Dry the River album, Shallow Bed, having first acquired a taste for their music from the Weights and Measures EP.  As a soundtrack to the day, it takes some beating.  The track Demons shines out amongst a whole set of bright lights, not least because of these fine words that speak of the North:

You are the string in my bow.
Biblical Mary to Joe.
The North isn’t true ’til it’s leading me to you.
You are the way that I know.
Under the weight of belief
You shiver and shake like a leaf.
But death is a force, not a man on a horse:
I’ll keep you safe while you sleep.

Heading to the far North again soon; this track will be etched in my head.

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