We were there in March and I am finally getting round to writing about the town and then the splendid golf course that sits high on the hill with its breathtaking panoramic views.  The relationship with the kids programme Balamory is well known but how did the town end up with the distinctive variegated building colours.  Is it pure chance or is there intervention, divine or otherwise?  The choice of colours works well but if they were all the red of the building adjacent to the Mishnish you would run kicking and screaming from the town.  The task for this week is to talk to Tobermory Planning Department if such exists.

June 21st update – I give in – nobody is responding so I will avoid the issue altogether and confine myself to: Tobermory is the home of the children’s TV series Balamory although this association has completely passed me by.  I was raised on Watch with Mother whilst my own offspring moved on to more ‘serious’ offerings sometime after Postman Pat was top of the bill.  Fortunately they were all born too early to suffer the speech impeded Telletubbies, creatures whose pointy heads suggest something more practical than unintelligible utterances.  Golf ball retrievers?

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