Hexham GC – Journal Photographs

High above the Tyne Valley this morning, the sun was shining bright and clear.  Totally out of character, I leapt out of bed, grabbed the camera and 5M pole and headed down to Hexham Golf Club to take some photos for the next Newcastle Journal article on Northumberland’s signature holes.  When you drive down from Beaufront Woodhead into Hexham you are quite frequently presented with a ribbon of mist stretching down the Tyne Valley (sometimes it is just steam form Egger) and this morning was no exception.  I eventually got the photos I needed but it was a full hour before the mist burnt off by which time the sun was rising into cloud.  I won’t pre-publish the Journal photos but the attached is what welcomed me on the 18th tee.  So much for early rising.

This one is slightly more inspiring and won’t be used by the Journal, mainly because it is not the right hole for the article.  There is still some mist in the air:


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