Finally managed to time a trip to Bellingham in good weather.  The course was looking excellent although it was a pity nothing was in bloom.  The assignment was for a Signature Holes article being produced by Norman Harris (The Sunday Times and Observer) for The Journal.  The 18th at Bellingham, Boggle Hole, is the first of a series.  The attached panorama will not be used so I don’t feel bad about pre-publishing, particularly as I risked life and limb on the bar roof capturing it – don’t look too closely for the hand crafted stitch.  The pictures that will be used were all captured from a 17 foot Brodex pole – a bit like fishing – cast and hope.  It is difficult to photograph – the two challenging aspects are the two ravines on the approach and it is only side-on that they become visible.  Unfortunately the panorama does not suit the proposed layout for the article.


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